I can see slight variations between several units of the same Noctua fan originating from Taiwan and China, is this a problem?

Noctua has production sites in both Taiwan and China, all of which operate to the same strict quality standards. Some fan models are produced exclusively at one of the production sites whereas others are being produced at multiple locations in order to meet varying demands and to ensure best availability for our customers. In this case, minute details of the injection moulding tools are optimised to work best with the machinery being used at the individual production facilites in order to guarantee best quality consistency. Due to these optimisations, there may be slight visual variations (e.g. slightly different shapes of frame reinforcements, Inner Surface Microstructures, etc.) between fans originating from different production sites, but these variations have no measurable influence on performance. All Noctua fans are manufactured to the same specifications and quality standards. In addition to minute structural variations due to different injection moulding tools, slight variations in colours can occur both between fans originating from different production sites and fans that have been producted at the same site at different points of time.

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