Noctua at Computex 2016

At this year’s Computex Taipei trade show, Noctua not only displayed a wide range of upcoming products and prototypes, but also gave insights into its research on advanced heatsink fin structures and materials. Noctua’s A-series fans were awarded best case fan series of the year by the European Hardware Association.
  • 60x60x25mm
  • 5V PWM version
  • 4-pin, 3000rpm max.

Noctua expands 5V fan line-up

After introducing its first 5V 40mm fan 18 months ago, Noctua today presented 5V versions of its award-winning quiet NF-A6x25 60mm model. While the new NF-A6x25 5V runs at a fixed speed of 3000rpm, the NF-A6x25 5V PWM also supports PWM for precise, convenient speed control. Both models feature Noctua’s proprietary AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frames as well as sophisticated aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels and come with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. At the same time, Noctua announced that it will further expand its 5V line-up in the near future in order to meet the growing demand from industrial partners and DIY customers.
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • chromax.red edition
Video. Noctua chromax accessories
Video. NH-C14S
Video. NH-D15S
Latest Reviews

NF-A6x25 5V PWM

27.07.2016 // Overclockers.com

"These are cute little fans. You will probably would not have found a place for them in your computer system a few years ago, but with small form factors coming on you may need something this small. Certainly some pre-made computers from major manufacturers feature fans this small in their PSU’s. But network equipment may use a cooling fan of this size. The fans that come with the equipment may fail. Or they may be very noisy. You may wish to replace the fans that came with the equipment with quiet fans. These are quiet fans. (Ed Humes, overclockers.com)

NF-P14s redux-1500 PWM, NF-P14r redux-1500 PWM, NF-S12B redux-1200 PWM, NF-B9 redux-1600 PWM et al.

26.07.2016 // HWLegend.com

"Le soluzioni Noctua Redux NF-P14s, NF-P14r, NF-S12B, NF-B9 e NF-R8 risultano essere ventole particolarmente ideali per essere installate su case, dissipatori o radiatori per impianti a liquido, che fanno delle prestazioni e della silenziosità il loro punto di forza. Non possiamo che ritenerci soddisfatti dal rapporto rumore/prestazioni offerto da queste ventole, del resto le molteplici tecnologie proprietarie adottate da Noctua, per attenuare la rumorosità, hanno contribuito in maniera significativa al raggiungere di tali risultati." (Antonio Delli Santi, hwlegend.com)


15.07.2016 // OCZone

Kết quả ghi nhận được về hiệu năng như các sản phẩm khác mà chúng tôi thử nghiệm từ Noctua vẫn luôn rất ấn tượng, đây sẽ là lựa chọn rất hấp dẫn cho người dùng tầm trung với nhu cầu ép xung vừa phải. (Ho Quang Ngoc, OCZone.org.)

NF-F12 industrialPPC-24V-3000 IP67 PWM, NF-A14 industrialPPC-24V-3000 IP67 PWM

15.07.2016 // HardwareSlave

The Noctua industrialPPC fans that we have tested in this review have impressed us. It’s probably a little unfair to pitch them against the humble stock chassis fan, but most people will have them right now in their system and any upgrade is always a welcome one. The Noctua industrialPPC fans are not aimed at the average desktop end-user, but they can be applied with success.


11.07.2016 // Tecnogeekies.com/

Pequeño con unas prestaciones optimas para equipos de procesadores de gama media o baja, este chiquitín nos ofrece una solución para las cajas más pequeñas del mercado reduciendo por casi el doble de altura a los disipadores de stock. Aparte de los silencioso que es se portó como un campeón aguantando toda la potencia del i7 4790k en las pruebas a 4,2 ghz los 8 hilos. Por ello, este dispositivo recibe el Galardón de Oro de TecnoGeekies.