Noctua at Computex 2016

At this year’s Computex Taipei trade show, Noctua not only displayed a wide range of upcoming products and prototypes, but also gave insights into its research on advanced heatsink fin structures and materials. Noctua’s A-series fans were awarded best case fan series of the year by the European Hardware Association.
  • 60x60x25mm
  • 5V PWM version
  • 4-pin, 3000rpm max.

Noctua expands 5V fan line-up

After introducing its first 5V 40mm fan 18 months ago, Noctua today presented 5V versions of its award-winning quiet NF-A6x25 60mm model. While the new NF-A6x25 5V runs at a fixed speed of 3000rpm, the NF-A6x25 5V PWM also supports PWM for precise, convenient speed control. Both models feature Noctua’s proprietary AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frames as well as sophisticated aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels and come with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. At the same time, Noctua announced that it will further expand its 5V line-up in the near future in order to meet the growing demand from industrial partners and DIY customers.
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • chromax.red edition
Video. Noctua chromax accessories
Video. NH-C14S
Video. NH-D15S
Latest Reviews

NH-U12S, NH-U14S, NH-D15, NH-U9S et al.

29.07.2016 // hardwareBG.com

"Noctua е един от най-сериозните и постоянните производители на процесорни охладители, които присъстват на компютърният пазар и година след година радват своите потребители не само с нови модели охладители, но и с някои специфични “бонус програми”, като например безплатни монтажни елементи за поставяне на по-стари модели охладители върху нови процесорни платформи." (Тодор Богданов, hardwareBG.com)

NF-S12A FLX, NF-S12A ULN, NF-S12A PWM et al.

29.07.2016 // Ryan Tech Reviews

"This fan is exactly what I was looking for as a case fan. It is professionally designed to be very efficient and very quiet. This fan is ideal if you are looking for a 120mm case fan which runs super quiet and super efficient. I am very happy with this product (as with all my Noctua case fans) and look forward to adding more of their products to my system." (Ryan Tech Reviews)


28.07.2016 // XFastest.com

"貓頭鷹 Noctua NH-C14S下吹式六導管靜音CPU散熱器表現相當不錯,外觀上可以看出廠商用心,在各部位做工與質感都相當不錯,風扇部分採用自家超大14公分風扇,且風扇規格同樣是相當不錯,還有防震膠墊設計,整體帶來不錯的散熱效果,且相當安靜,在預設頻率的測試環境下幾乎聽不到噪音,支援平台部分相當齊全,主流與較舊款的平台都有相對應的扣具可使用;效能表現方面,底部採用拋光處理提供相當不錯的導熱效果,CPU預設頻率的測試環境下表現相當優異" (Peter Liu, XFastest.com)


28.07.2016 // XFastest.com

"小結:一般空冷時採用原廠散熱器在全速燒機時CPU的溫度就蠻高的,何況要超頻使用,由測試結果可以發現,Noctua NH-D15S散熱器擁有相當優異的表現,能將i7 6700K預設時脈溫度壓制在71℃左右,超頻至4.7G時壓制在84℃左右(雙風扇更能控制在81℃左右),相信只要能有效規劃機殼對流,這樣的配置仍能讓超頻之後CPU溫度作有效的控制,而且雖然體積不小,但是透過設計讓干涉情形降到最低,安裝上不順手的狀況應該是不多,也因為散熱器體積不小,所以原廠在Noctua NH-D15S散熱系統選用搭配單14CM風扇也有其考量,體積跟安裝上都簡便許多,也能兼顧散熱效能,如果使用者的機殼空間容許的話額外增加1顆NF-A15風扇,可獲得更好的散熱效果,回歸到價格面建議售價約在新台幣3,000元左右來說,算是相當高價位的散熱器,但就其實際表現而言並不遜於低階的水冷系統,所以個人覺得整體效能及價格比還是相當不錯,而且參照使用說明書進行安裝應該會省事不少,以上提供給各位參考。" (Peter Liu, XFastest.com)


27.07.2016 // Enostech.com

Both the U9S and D9L were able to handle the heat and stayed within the limits of safety for CPU temps, which is very important, especially when overclocking. As per their standard configurations, both of these coolers only come with one fan, but adding the second fan does allow for a bit better temperatures, even if not by much. Adding the second fan onto the coolers and temperatures dropped around 2c when doing a full load test on the overclocked settings. (Ben Enos, Enostech.com)