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The Noctua HOME line is all about leveraging our superior, award-winning fan technology for home, office and multi-purpose ventilation applications. While many products in these fields are plagued by noisy, low-quality fans, we firmly believe that your living and working environments deserve better. Originating in the PC cooling space, our products are designed for those who demand the best of the best in quality, efficiency and quietness of operation. Through our HOME line, we bring this same renowned quiet cooling performance to ventilation tasks in homes, offices or various other fields of application.

Studies have shown that noise in home and working environments can have significant negative effects on health and general well-being. At the same time, adequate ventilation is essential not only for maintaining a pleasant room climate, but also for various electronic and other devices to operate safely and efficiently. Leveraging today’s most advanced fan technology is the key to reconcile these opposing demands.

Established in 2005, Noctua set out to turn the PC cooling market on its head by offering large, powerful heatpipe coolers and custom-developed fans that set new benchmarks in performance-to-noise efficiency. Over the years, our products have received thousands of awards and recommendations from international hardware media and Noctua became widely recognised as one of the leading innovators in premium quality quiet PC cooling components. At the same time, our fans and heatsinks have been used by more and more industrial clients who integrate them into their own products in various fields of application ranging from automotive, embedded and industrial systems, telecommunication and banking infrastructure, audio engineering, stage and broadcasting lighting all the way to highly critical domains such as aerospace, laboratory devices or medical technology.

The same virtues that have established Noctua as a go-to choice among demanding PC enthusiasts and that make our fans ideal for various industrial applications are equally beneficial in the field of home, office and multi-purpose ventilation: Superior performance, superb quietness of operation, and a renowned level of premium quality that gives you the piece of mind that you can count on a fan to run flawlessly for years to come.

Whether you just want to add a quiet breeze to your desk or living room, improve the energy efficiency of your heating system by adding radiator booster fans, cool down electronic devices that are running too hot or undertake a larger DIY home optimisation project that requires quiet ventilation: The Noctua HOME range enables you to employ state-of-the-art fans with a superior performance-to-noise ratio and time-tested reliability.

button Fan sets

NV-FS1 - Desk, room and multi-purpose fan set
NV-FS2 - Multi-purpose fan set for device cooling

button Accessories

NV-FM1 pivoting fan mount
NV-AA1-12 airflow amplifier multi-purpose gasket
NV-MPG1-12.brown multi-purpose gasket Sx4 multi-purpose pads
NV-MPP1.brown Sx4 multi-purpose pads

NV-FH2 fan hub
NV-SPH1 powered fan hub set
NV-PS1 power supply

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