Noctua introduces chromax line fans, cables and heatsink covers

Noctua today introduced the long-awaited chromax editions of its most renowned 120mm and 140mm fan models as well as chromax line cables and heatsink covers for its award-winning NH-U12S and NH-D15 series CPU coolers. All the new chromax line products allow users to colour-customise their Noctua cooling systems in order to match popular build colour schemes.
  • Cubierta para disipador edición chromax.black.swap con láminas intercambiables (rojo, azul, verde, amarillo, negro, blanco)
  • Compatible con los disipadores Noctua NH-U12S, NH-U12S TR4-SP3 y NH-U12S SE-AM4
  • Idónea para combinar con ventiladores de las gamas industrialPPC o chromax y con paneles anti-vibración

Noctua presents two AM4-compatible low-profile coolers

Noctua today presented two updates to its range of quiet low-profile CPU coolers. Successors to the award-winning NH-L9a and NH-L12, the new NH-L9a-AM4 and NH-L12S models now support the AM4 socket of AMD’s Ryzen processors. Whereas the NH-L9a-AM4 stands a mere 37mm tall, which makes it ideal for use in compact HTPCs or Small Form Factor cases that offer minimum clearance for CPU coolers, the slightly bigger NH-L12S comes equipped with the new NF-A12x15 PWM fan and combines excellent compatibility, surprising efficiency and remarkable flexibility.
  • Basado en el galardonado NH-L12
  • Bajo perfil (70mm de altura total)
  • 1x ventilador NF-A12x15 120mm con PWM
  • SecuFirm2™ para Intel LGA2066, LGA2011, LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150 & AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2+
Video. chromax by Noctua
Video. SecuFirm2™ AMD AM4 installation
Reviews más recientes

NH-U12S TR4-SP3, NH-U14S TR4-SP3, NH-U9 TR4-SP3 et al.

23.11.2017 // Forbes.com

"It's rare that there's such a clear choice in tests like this, but the fact that all the coolers are so close in price means that the NH-U14S is the only cooler to consider here if your case has the space for it." (Antony Leather, Forbes.com)


23.11.2017 // Overclockers.com.ua

"Как видно из результатов тестирования, и это вполне ожидаемо, 200-мм вентиляторы являются чемпионами по объему прокачиваемого воздуха. Что еще интереснее — благодаря технологиям Noctua им удается сохранять при этом относительную тишину." (Vasilenko Andrey, Overclockers.com.ua)

NH-L9a-AM4, NH-L12S

22.11.2017 // pcfoster.pl

"Oba coolery firmy Noctua zrobiły na nas świetne wrażenie. Są dobrze wykonane, łatwe w montażu i sprawdzają się podczas codziennej pracy. Jeżeli chodzi o kulturę pracy, to jest ona także w zupeności zadowalająca. Jest zdecydowanie ciszej, niż w przypadku coolera z zestawu Intela czy AMD." (Marcin Gębala, pcfoster.pl)


22.11.2017 // Le Comptoir du Hardware

"Nous n'allons pas faire l'éloge de Noctua une nouvelle fois ici. Le produit proposé aujourd'hui colle au mieux à ce que sait faire la marque autrichienne." (Thierry Comtesse, Le Comptoir du Hardware)


22.11.2017 // Enostech.com

"Five low profile coolers were tested with the same configuration on my test bench. The Noctua NH-L9x65 has emerged as a winner in the category of the compact, low profile coolers with the other contenders being the SilverStone AR06 and the Reeven Brontes." (Nauman Siddique, Enostech.com)