Noctua CPU coolers now include AM4 mounting at no extra cost

Noctua today announced that all of its current multi-socket desktop CPU coolers, such as the popular NH-D15, NH-U14S and NH-U12S, now also include installation hardware for the AM4 socket of AMD’s Ryzen processors. Although Noctua introduced its dedicated SE-AM4 models in early 2017 and has provided free-of-charge upgrade kits ever since the launch of the AM4 platform, the updates of the existing multi-socket models now allow customers to install them on all current mainstream sockets without ordering extra mounting kits. As suggested retail prices remain unchanged, the updates come at no extra cost to the customers.
  • Further improved second generation of the award-winning NT-H1 with even better thermal performance
  • Not electrically conductive and non-corroding
  • Excellent long-term stability (usage time on the CPU up to 5 years)
  • 3.5g pack for around 3-20 applications (depending on CPU size, e.g. ~3 applications for TR4, ~20 for LGA1151)

Noctua introduces new thermal compounds and cleaning wipes

Noctua today introduced NT-H2, the further improved second generation of its award-winning hybrid thermal compound. Combining the iconic NT-H1’s proven features, superb ease of use and renowned long-term stability with a novel, fine-tuned formula of microparticles for even better thermal performance, NT-H2 is an enthusiast-grade paste for the highest demands. At the same time, Noctua also presented a new, large 10g pack of NT-H1 as well as NA-SCW1, a set of 20 cleaning wipes that are ideal for removing thermal compound in a quick, clean and efficient manner.
  • Tailored custom version for Intel Xeon Scalable (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) and Xeon-Phi
  • 140mm size for maximum performance
  • NF-A15 140mm fan with PWM
  • SecuFirm2™ for LGA3647 (square and narrow type)
Video. chromax by Noctua
Video. NF-A12x25 next-generation 120mm fan
Latest Reviews

NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g

20.02.2019 // PCEkspert.com

"Noctua je izbacivanjem NT-H2 paste na tržište entuzijastima, overclockerima i naravno svima ostalima konačno donijela konkurentan proizvod i odličnu zamjenu za zastarjelu H1 pastu. H2 se lakše nanosi i lakše čisti, a kao što smo vidjeli u testu donosi i nešto nižu temperaturu." (Krešimir Matanović, PCEkspert.com)

NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g

20.02.2019 // XtremeSystems.org

"I must admit that I was really impressed by the Noctua NT-H2's performance today." (Ambrosidou Nat, XtremeSystems.org)

NF-P12 redux-1300

19.02.2019 // RealHardTechX.com

"Distinguimos al ventilador NOCTUA NF-P12 redux-1300 con nuestro premio RealHardTechX Gold Award y recomendamos su compra a todos nuestros lectores." (José Romero, RealHardTechX.com)

NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g

19.02.2019 // PC-Gaming.it

"Noctua NT-H2 è un’ottima pasta termica ad un prezzo competitivo considerando la qualità e il bundle. Insieme alla pasta, Noctua fornisce della salviettine umidificate che facilitano la pulizia prima e dopo l’applicazione. Allo stesso prezzo o inferiore troviamo altre soluzioni sul mercato, ma l’offerta di Noctua è di qualità e la più completa." (Matteo Carrara, PC-Gaming.it)

NT-H1 3.5g, NT-H1 10g, NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g, NA-SCW1

19.02.2019 // MasterBitzReviews

"En Retrospectiva la nueva versión de pasta térmica y las nuevas toallitas húmedas de limpieza son un buen producto para los mas exigentes y que necesitan un buen rendimiento." (David Martinez, MasterBitzReviews)