Noctua introduces new thermal compounds and cleaning wipes

Noctua today introduced NT-H2, the further improved second generation of its award-winning hybrid thermal compound. Combining the iconic NT-H1’s proven features, superb ease of use and renowned long-term stability with a novel, fine-tuned formula of microparticles for even better thermal performance, NT-H2 is an enthusiast-grade paste for the highest demands. At the same time, Noctua also presented a new, large 10g pack of NT-H1 as well as NA-SCW1, a set of 20 cleaning wipes that are ideal for removing thermal compound in a quick, clean and efficient manner.
  • Further improved second generation of the award-winning NT-H1 with even better thermal performance
  • Not electrically conductive and non-corroding
  • Excellent long-term stability (usage time on the CPU up to 5 years)
  • 3.5g pack for around 3-20 applications (depending on CPU size, e.g. ~3 applications for TR4, ~20 for LGA1151)

Noctua expands 5V fan line-up

Noctua today expanded its line-up of premium-grade quiet 5V fans with new 200, 140, 120, 92, 80 and 40mm models. The new 5V versions of the existing award-winning NF-A20, NF-A14, NF-A12x25, NF-F12, NF-A9, NF-A8 and NF-A4x10 designs will be available both in 3-pin and 4-pin variants, the latter supporting PWM-based speed control. All fans include a USB power adaptor cable that allows them to run on USB host devices, power banks or USB power supplies.
  • Tailored custom version for Intel Xeon Scalable (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) and Xeon-Phi
  • 140mm size for maximum performance
  • NF-A15 140mm fan with PWM
  • SecuFirm2™ for LGA3647 (square and narrow type)
Video. chromax by Noctua
Video. NF-A12x25 next-generation 120mm fan
Latest Reviews

NF-P12 redux-1300

19.02.2019 // RealHardTechX.com

"Distinguimos al ventilador NOCTUA NF-P12 redux-1300 con nuestro premio RealHardTechX Gold Award y recomendamos su compra a todos nuestros lectores." (José Romero, RealHardTechX.com)

NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g

19.02.2019 // PC-Gaming.it

"Noctua NT-H2 è un’ottima pasta termica ad un prezzo competitivo considerando la qualità e il bundle. Insieme alla pasta, Noctua fornisce della salviettine umidificate che facilitano la pulizia prima e dopo l’applicazione. Allo stesso prezzo o inferiore troviamo altre soluzioni sul mercato, ma l’offerta di Noctua è di qualità e la più completa." (Matteo Carrara, PC-Gaming.it)

NT-H1 3.5g, NT-H1 10g, NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g, NA-SCW1

19.02.2019 // MasterBitzReviews

"En Retrospectiva la nueva versión de pasta térmica y las nuevas toallitas húmedas de limpieza son un buen producto para los mas exigentes y que necesitan un buen rendimiento." (David Martinez, MasterBitzReviews)

NT-H2 3.5g, NT-H2 10g

18.02.2019 // Bits and Chips

"La nuova pasta termica NT-H2 si conferma dunque migliore della precedente NT-H1, sopratutto per la differente composizione che ne permette una più semplice applicazione e per le salviette fornite in bundle." (Vincenzo Mancuso, Bits and Chips)


17.02.2019 // Phoronix.com

"If you are in the market for an AMD Ryzen Threadripper or AMD EPYC heatsink that fits within 4U height requirements, the Noctua NH-U9 TR4-SP3 is still easily the best option available. I'm now running the NH-U9 TR4-SP3 in five different EPYC/Threadripper systems in the racks and they work out splendid." (Michael Larabel, Phoronix.com)