AM5 Direct die cooling step-by-step

1. Sourcing the required parts:

- Delidding tool, e.g. the one from der8auer

- Direct die frame for protecting the CPU, e.g. the one designed by der8auer

- Liquid metal thermal compound, e.g. Conductonaut

- Cleaning equipment: Razor blade, isopropyl alcohol, extra liquid metal compound

- Spacers for lowering the cooler (included with NM-DD1 or 3D printed from

- Screws for reinstalling the fastening brackets with spacers (included with NM-DD1 or purchased separately, 4x M3x12 for NM-DDS1 or 1x M4x10 for NM-DDS2)

2. Delidding the CPU: Remove the CPU’s integrated heat spreader following the manual that came with the delidding tool.

3. Cleaning the CPU: Remove residues of solder or glue. This can be done by manually scraping-off the residues using a razor blade, or by putting some liquid metal onto the solder residues, which will dissolve them so that they can be wiped off.

4. Installing the CPU with the direct die frame: First remove the regular socket actuation mechanism (SAM), then install the CPU with the direct die protection frame as described in the manual of the frame.

5. Preparing the cooler: Remove the fastening bracket(s), put on the spacer(s) and then reinstall the brackets using the longer screws as depicted in the NM-DD1 manual.

6. Apply liquid metal thermal compound: Carefully apply a small dot of liquid metal on each of the CPUs dies and spread it to a thin layer using a cotton swab or other device that came with the liquid metal.

7. Install the CPU cooler according to its manual.

8. Enjoy a significant reduction in temperatures!


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