NH-D15 G2 vs. NH-D15 performance data

Noctua’s Standardised Performance Rating (NSPR) is a platform-independent classification system that allows customers to assess and compare the efficiency of Noctua CPU coolers at a glance: The higher the NSPR score, the better the heatsink’s performance. With a score of 228, the NH-D15 G2 sets a new benchmark.

The first basis for the NSPR is a measurement of thermal efficiency at a fixed heat-load that is chosen according to the performance class of the heatsink. In this test, the NH-D15 G2 performs 3.2°C better than the original NH-D15:

The second basis for the NSPR is a measurement of dissipation capacity that reflects a cooler’s ability to sustain high heat-loads. For this test, the heat-load is increased until a temperature of 60°C is reached and kept stable for 15 minutes. In this test, the NH-D15 G2 managed a massive 160W boost over the original NH-D15 and pushed beyond 600W:

The results of both tests are then combined and balanced by multiplying the first result by ten and dividing the heat-load of the second test by ten (see https://noctua.at/nspr). This gives an NSPR score of 228 for the NH-D15 G2 versus 183 for the original NH-D15, making the G2 the first cooler to break the barrier of 200 and easily Noctua‘s best performing model to date:

On modern AMD and Intel CPUs with 180-250W heat-loads, this performance advantage will typically translate into a 2-3°C temperature reduction when comparing the original NH-D15 to the standard version NH-D15 G2 that uses the same medium base convexity:

For further information about the Noctua Standardised Performance Rating, please visit: https://noctua.at/nspr


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