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We provide AM5 compatible upgrade-kits for Noctua CPU coolers free of charge if required, e.g., if customers would like to upgrade their existing coolers that came without compatible installation hardware at the time of purchase. Please see our socket compatibility chart to check if your model was updated to include AM5 mounting hardware out of the box.

All coolers compatible with AM4 are also compatible with AM5, as the mounting system hasn't changed in that regard.
There are a few exceptions: If you are using the NH-L9a, NH-L9a-AM4 or NH-L9i, please do request the mounting kit.
The NH-L9i-17xx, however, cannot be made compatible with AM5.


  • If you’ve confirmed that your cooler requires an upgrade kit, please use this form to order it. Note that while different coolers require different upgrade kits, our order form will automatically determine the correct kit based on the cooler you’ve selected (e.g. NM-AM5/4-MP83 for 83mm pitch coolers, NM-AM5/4-MP78 for 78mm pitch coolers, custom versions for older cooler models that require extra parts, etc.). Therefore, please make sure to select the correct cooler model. If in doubt, please take a photo and contact us so that we can help you to identify the cooler.
  • The standard kit models (NM-AM5/4-MP78, NM-AM5/4-MP83, and their chromax counterparts) that are required for upgrading most cooler models are also available for purchase at resellers such as Amazon. If you need the kit urgently, please consider ordering it via a local reseller.
  • Caution: Make sure to fill out all fields correctly. House numbers and state/district information are often lost when using the autofill functionality of your web browser, so please double-check whether the address is complete and correct.
  • Shipping via standard letter air mail (shipping time up to 20 business days) is free of charge but there is no tracking information available. Depending on your country, we may be able to offer express shipping options with tracking that are subject to charges (payment via Stripe after submitting the form). To make use of those, please click the "Express Delivery" checkbox at the end of the form.
  • Finally, please provide proof of purchase (scan, photo, or electronic copy of the invoice) for both a Noctua CPU cooler and either an AM5 motherboard or AM5 CPU. In case you've lost the invoice of your Noctua CPU cooler, please write your full name and the current date on a piece of paper, take a photo of the paper next to your CPU cooler and upload it as proof of purchase.
    Please note that we can only provide free mounting kits for coolers which are not already compatible with the respective socket out of the box. If you would like to obtain an additional mounting kit for a cooler which is already compatible with the respective socket, please purchase it at one of our resellers.
  • Please note that customs duties may apply to the order!
Please note that all current Noctua multi-socket coolers ship with AM5/AM4 mounting hardware since the beginning of 2019, so no AM5/4 kits are required. See this FAQ for detailed compatibility information and this FAQ for how to check if your cooler already includes AM5/AM4 mounting hardware. Please do not request AM5/4 kits for coolers that already include AM5/AM4 mounting hardware.
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