Thank you very much for your interest in our products and services. The security of your personal data is crucial for us. Therefore, we would like to inform you about our data protection measures.

    Our data protection measures concern your personal data such as your name, postal address, email address, phone number or usage data such as your IP address.

    Scope of data collection and data storage

    We require your personal data for services such as answering individual inquiries (e.g. product and compatibility information, purchasing advice, technical support), warranty procedures, providing spare parts and mounting kits or for sending you our newsletter. Whenever we need to collect and save some of your personal data on our website, we will ask for your explicit agreement.

    For sending emails (e.g. confirmations of receipt, shipping confirmations, transmission and answering of support inquiries, newsletters), we either use our own outgoing mail server (SMTP) or an external service provider who covenants that their processes and data protection measures are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. In this case, your email address and the content of the emails are transferred to said service provider for sending the email.

    After closing the case of your inquiry (e.g. general questions, service inquiries, warranty requests, etc.), we save your data so that we can process future inquires more quickly and in order to guarantee the best possible service quality.

    If you request that we send you spare parts, mounting kits or other products, we collect and save your data only as far as it is necessary to process your request. For this purpose, it may be necessary to forward your personal data to other companies that are involved in the shipping process such as forwarding agents or other services.

    If you sign up for our newsletter with your email address and country of residence, we will not use your data for any other purpose. We need to record your country of origin in order to make sure that we will only send you information about products and offers that are available in your region and in order to guarantee that our service is compliant with eventual regional regulations. If you unsubscribe from our newsletter, your data will be deleted from our system.

    In order to optimise our website, we collect and save data such as the date and time of page-views, referrals, etc. This is done in a completely anonymised way and the user is never identified personally. We only collect this data for statistical purposes in order to further optimise our website and so that we can keep improving our offer. Your data is collected and stored in anonymised form only and can not be related to you as an individual person.

    Our website is protected against damage, destruction or unauthorised access by appropriate technical measures and all processes are constantly adjusted according to the latest data protection regulations.

    Purpose-specific usage of data

    We follow the principle of purpose-specific data usage. Therefore, we collect, process and save your personal data only for those purposes which you have authorised. We only forward your personal data to third parties with your explicit agreement, such as in the case of forwarding agents that are required for sending you spare parts. We only disclose personal data to stately institutions or authorities that are entitled to receive such information and only within the scope of the legal obligation to give information or if we are committed to disclosure by court ruling.

    We also take intra-corporate data protection very seriously. Our co-workers and external service providers are bound to confidence and to comply to all data protection regulations.

    Right to information and right of withdrawal

    You may always request us to disclose to you – free of charge and without giving reasons – your personal data that we store. You can always request us to correct or delete said data or withdraw your agreement that allows us to collect and use your data. For these purposes, please contact us at support@noctua.at. We’re always at your service for further question regarding data protection and the processing of your personal data.

    Right to complain

    If, against all odds, you should be unsatisfied with our data protection measures, please tell us. If we can not find a solution, you have the right to complain at your national data protection authority.