获奖的 NF-R8 设计

获奖的 NF-R8 设计

猫头鹰经典的NF-R8已成为全球宁静散热电脑爱好者寻找优质静音80mm风扇的第一选择, 由于其令人印象深刻的安静性,出色的性能和无可挑剔的质量,NF-R8已成为安静的80mm风扇的标准参考。
简化的redux 型号

简化的redux 型号

猫头鹰重新发布了最受欢迎产品的redux系列,源自获奖的模型,通过简化,价格合理的包装。 所有的redux版产品都是经过行业验证的,久经时间考验的型号,有助于提高猫头鹰作为高级低噪声冷却设备的一级供应商的声誉。


猫头鹰最新型号的先进的平滑换向驱动系统通过消除扭矩变化和切换噪声确保卓越的运行平稳性。 这使得即使在非常近的距离风扇运转都非常安静。






猫头鹰风扇是以它们毫无瑕疵的质量和杰出的使用寿命闻名的。和所有猫头鹰风扇一样, redux终级版型号的平均故障间隔时间超过150000个小时,并具有一个6年的质量保证期。
NF-R8 redux-1200
71,5x71,5 mm
转速 (+/- 10%)
1200 RPM
9,1 dB(A)
0,67 mm H₂O
0,42 W
0,035 A
12 V
> 150.000 h
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NF-R8 redux-1200
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09.12.2014 // Modders-Inc.com

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

The redux fan series is Noctua’s answer to system builders who have been demanding options of a more affordable and alternately colored fan. Packaging has been streamlined compared to the regular retail version but the build quality is still excellent and top notch despite the lower price. Most users can live without the extra accessories as most fans available in the market come just as bare anyway. The color choice is excellent with contrasting two-tone grays that still look unmistakably Noctua while fitting in and standing out at the same time inside a system.
Test verdict: "Overall, Noctua’s redux fans easily stand-out from the rest of the market because of their high build quality and new sexy gray color scheme. Utilizing proven Noctua technology offered at a lower price point with the same long warranty as the current Noctua retail crop, the redux series is a must-have for those looking for silent cooling solutions." (Ron Perillo, Modders-Inc.com)
11.11.2014 // FunkyKit.com

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

So if the coffee and cream color of Noctua's fans were the only thing holding you back from enjoying the highest quality in cooling components for your computer, well jump up for joy cause the new colors offered by Noctua are awesome. With the added benefit of style, no quality was sacrificed and these line of fans performed well and a few of them at max RPM could barely be heard over the ambient noise. The braided cables are nice touch also. The fans carry a 6-year warranty offered by Noctua. These fans perform exceptionally well and look good while doing so. These fans move massive amounts of air and achieve very reasonable dB levels at maximum RPM.
Test verdict: "The new colors offered by Noctua are fantastic. The Redux models are premium quality, quiet and priced competitively. The industrialPPC models are heavy duty models that will meet the demands of the most extreme conditions." (Chris McCart, FunkyKit.com)
16.10.2014 // OverclockersClub.com

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

The first, the redux line, is taking its naming very literally. The redux line is reaching to the back of the top shelf, dusting off all of the oldies but goldies, and re-releasing them as a baseline product to catch the attention of the more economically inclined. However, there is one twist. A brand new, and long overdue, color scheme update. The new redux models are all coming in a light/dark contrast gray, paying homage to the original light/dark contrast brown that was their roots. Now, I know what you're thinking, "why older, out of date fans?". My answer is simple: Though the models are older, they are also what put Noctua where they are today and should not be underestimated. [...] The grand finale is the industrialPPC series. There are not likely fans at the 140mm size that can match these thermal killing speed demons. They are an overclocker's dream. Throw a couple of these at a water cooler and heat dissipation will never be better. At nearly 50 Celsius I had nothing but head room for additional overclocking.
Test verdict: "All of these fans are great, even if it is their second unveiling. I think that with the release of the industrialPPC and the redux, Noctua has every base covered. Easy to please base users who don't have much need for insane power or quiet, sound enthusiasts who need to work with little to no sound, and those who have a need for speed to keep their CPUs from frying during heavy overclocking." (Allen Woo, OverclockersClub.com)
19.07.2014 // Vortez.net

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

Noctua has knocked down the prices of their classic fans, changed their colors, and moved from a full course meal to an a la carte menu for their accessories. The price reduction should open up a new part of the market, the new colors will stop turning off purchasers who hate the old colors, and having the accessories available separately will allow people to buy what they need. These are good fans. That NF-S12B is a surprisingly good fan. It was right up with the NF-P12 in pushing through the radiator. It helps that these fans are now not only price-competitive with comparable fans, they beat most of them with their reasonable prices. And let us not forget: all of the packaging is easy on the environment. It is all completely recyclable. If you have bought a heatsink from Noctua, you know it is a tradition for them. Now we see it in their fans. Good job! The biggest pent-up demand is probably in the NF-P14s redux. The NF-P14s redux is just what many users have been asking for: a square-framed 140mm Noctua fan that can really blow through a case, do it quietly, and look great so you can show it off.
Test verdict: "A new styling theme, excellent performance and a refined accessories kit allows the Noctua redux series to pick up our prestigious gold award." (Ed Hume, Vortez.net)
12.03.2014 // PureOverclock.com

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

Ultimately, Noctua makes a great fan, but they fit best with people who have the higher budgets for them. [...] I never see the level of quality in manufacturing from other brands that Noctua puts in their product and they match that with a massive 6 year warranty. Because of this, we happily award all fans in this round up with the PureOverclock Great Hardware Award!
Test verdict: " These are great quality fans for those who prefer elegance over flashy appearance and don't mind spending a premium for them." (Josh Jackson, PureOverclock.com)
15.04.2017 // Building a Gaming PC

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

Each of the fans comes with mounting screws and is extremely simple to install. I installed each Redux fan in my test system then put them through their paces running the Witcher 3 at maximum settings on a GTX 1080Ti at 4K. The fans each remained whisper quiet even under full load, which is great news for hardcore gamers. But if you’re more of a casual gamer, and mainly use your PC for work or surfing the internet, you’ll barely notice these fans are on. This makes them a perfect choice for mini-ITX builds or a rig you’ve designed to sit under your TV in the living room.
Test verdict: "If you’re building a gaming PC, first make sure you don’t overlook cooling, second make sure you consider Noctua’s excellent line up. Recommended." (Chris Sealey, Building a Gaming PC)
12.04.2017 // Glob3trotters.com

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

The attention to details is present everywhere and even though Noctua had to cut corners, they didn’t go overboard and kept what you would like to see like the fully braided cables and top-notch packaging that defiantly makes you feel like you are getting a high quality product at a good price.
Test verdict: "So, this Redux series is addressed to those on a budget, Noctua focusing on exactly what you need – a really good fan. So you will still get the SS0 bearing, very good performance and 6 years warranty with over 150k hours of MTBF. " (Alex Nistor, Glob3trotters.com)
03.03.2017 // TechHardware.it

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

Noctua ancora una volta si è dimostrata all’altezza delle aspettative, è riuscita a commercializzare ventole dall’alto rapporto qualità/prezzo pur mantenendo costi contenuti. Eccellente come sempre la qualità costruttiva, si rivela versatile per diversi utilizzi mantenendo costi interessanti. Molto buono il packaging, sempre molto curato, sufficiente il bundle, c’è lo stretto indispensabile.
Test verdict: "Eccellente come sempre la qualità costruttiva, si rivela versatile per diversi utilizzi mantenendo costi contenuti. " (Tommaso Biallo, TechHardware.it)
03.03.2017 // PcGaming.games

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

Una vez montados y en funcionamiento los ventiladores en el PC, lo primero que nos percatamos es el poco ruido que genera. En general, todos los modelos de la serie Redux son muy silenciosos e incluso estando al 100% son difíciles escuchar. Los más silenciosos de toda la gama son los ventiladores pequeños, qué puede ser a causa de tener las aspas más pequeñas.
Test verdict: "En esta valoración, hemos tenido en cuenta tanto las características técnicas, rendimiento y precio para valorar este producto. Los ventiladores tienen un precio muy bajo, pero sus características técnicas y el rendimiento son espectaculares." (Carlos Carraveo, PcGaming.games)
30.01.2017 // PC nadšenci

NF-R8 redux-1200 Review

Spoločnosť Noctua je v oblasti chladenia počítačov silné meno. Rakúska spoločnosť sa preslávila výbornými chladičmi procesorov a kvalitnými ventilátormi. Za kvalitu sa však platí, preto bývajú produkty Noctua často mimo záujmu bežného zákazníka, hráča. To sa však výrobca snaží zmeniť produktovou líniou Redux.
Test verdict: "Ventilátory Noctua z radu Redux si od nás odnášajú strieborné ocenenie za kvalitné spracovanie, 6 ročnú záruku, prijateľnú cenu a vysoký výkon." (Tomáš Brestovanský, PC nadšenci)

信息表 (PDF)


您可以简单地将风扇的3针连接头连接到现在主板的4针PWM连接插头上,这样传输PWM信号的第四个针脚自然就留空(由于连接器的形状,因此没有反接造成极性的危险)。一些主板(例如,目前的技嘉型号)不仅可以通过PWM控制风扇,还可以通过调节所提供的电压来控制风扇。在某些情况下,这可能需要将BIOS里的选项(如“风扇控制模式”从“PWM”更改为“电压”或“模拟”)。在这方面请仔细查悉您的主板说明书。但是,一些主板默认使用“自动”设置,根据连接的风扇自动选择PWM或基于电压的调节。 在脉冲功率的主板上不能自动控制风扇速度,而是通过降低风扇电压。






因此建议使用除尘器,略湿的纸巾或罐装空气剂清洁您的风扇。 请注意不要使用过多的力,以防止对风扇造成任何损坏。 请不要使用真空吸尘器,因为这可能会对风扇施加过大的压力。




所有猫头鹰的风扇都具有英特尔和AMD规范中规定的标准引脚配置。 这些标准引脚配置目前在大多数主板和风扇控制器上使用:

pin configuration








  1. 在BIOS中选择一个更高的风扇转速设置S(如“正常”而不是“默认”)或停用自动风扇转速控制,使用低噪声适配器代替。
  2. 使用主板的风扇转速控制软件或第三方工具软件,类似温度调节风扇转速。这些软件不像基于BIOS的风扇转速控制,通过软件检查风扇是否停止了,相应的增或减少电压设置,以给风扇提供更多的选择。





不知道买哪种猫头鹰的产品?我们详细的风扇介绍和CPU散热器 采购指南帮助您选择最适合您的型号。


猫头鹰风扇,如40,60,80或92mm NF-A系列型号是理想的替换NAS设备中原装噪音的风扇选择,以使它们更加安静,成千上万的用户已设法降低其NAS单元噪音水平的办法。然而,虽然在某些情况下更换风扇很容易和直接,但在其他情况下可能非常困难,因此猫头鹰强烈建议用户在购买之前仔细研究,是否可以轻松更换其NAS设备的风扇为猫头鹰风扇。更换NAS风扇时可能发生的一些常见问题是:

  • 不同的引脚的问题:尽管猫头鹰风扇使用PC风扇的标准化引脚类别(有关详细信息,请参阅此常见问题),但某些NAS单元使用不同的分配。例如,一些器件具有电源和GND或rpm及PWM引脚交换。 因此,请仔细验证您的NAS设备使用是否与标准风扇相同的引脚类别。 经验丰富的用户还可以通过切割和重新焊接风扇电缆来更改引脚类别,但请注意,这将使您的猫头鹰产品无法得到制造商的保修。.
  • 不同的引脚功能:猫头鹰风扇使用PC风扇的标准化引脚功能(详情请参阅此常见问题); 然而,一些NAS单元使用风扇,其中某些引脚提供不同的功能。例如,一些器件使用RPM引脚用于“电源正常”信号。 因此,请仔细验证您的NAS设备是否使用相同的引脚功能。
  • 固件速度控制:某些NAS设备需要一定的最大或最小风扇速度。 如果新风扇不具有相同或相似的最大或最小速度,则设备可能显示错误或甚至关闭。。
  • 不同的启动电压:大多数NAS设备使用基于电压的速度控制。如果新风扇的启动电压高于原始风扇,则可能无法立即启动。这可能会导致NAS设备显示错误或甚至关闭,因为它怀疑风扇出现故障。
  • 不同的功耗:有些NAS风扇监控风扇的功率。如果新风扇的功耗低于普通风扇,则设备可能显示错误或甚至关闭。

请注意,大多数NAS制造商不提供有关风扇兼容性和控制的详细文档,而想要更换设备风扇的用户通常必须依赖“如何”指南,博客和论坛帖子或视频教程。例如,有一些优秀的视频教程可用于改变流行的Synology NAS型号(英语中的DS416j, DS1515+ 和 DS1812+, 德语中的DS416/DS415/DS916/DS216/DS214 和 DS1515+)。 还请注意,风扇兼容性和控制可能因型号而异,甚至是不同的版本显示不同的内容,即使设备来自同一制造商。 因此,重要的是确保在更换NAS风扇时依赖的信息或指南适用于您的特定型号以及您的特定硬件和固件版本。

由于上面列出的可能性问题,猫头鹰建议只有经验丰富的用户才去尝试更换其NAS风扇。 请注意,由于有许多不同的NAS型号,并且大多数缺少关于风扇兼容性和控制等方面的文档,猫头鹰客户支持在更换NAS风扇时无法帮助您解决兼容性问题。如果有任何问题,例如设备的引脚对齐或风扇监控及控制,请与您的NAS制造商联系。.


猫头鹰12V风扇符合英特尔和AMD发布的标准PC系统的既定规格。宏基,苹果,戴尔,惠普,联想或其他主要品牌的电脑往往偏离了这些规格。 通过使用专有的风扇接头,定制引脚对齐或引脚配置,风扇速度控制的不同方法等。当在这些品牌的电脑中使用猫头鹰风扇时,可能会导致兼容性问题。虽然通过一些技术知识可以避免这些问题当中的发生,但是特别是与BIOS相关的问题(例如由于低风扇速度引起的错误或关闭)常常不能解决。因此,猫头鹰不正式支持宏基,苹果,戴尔,惠普,联想或其他主要品牌的电脑。

您对我们的产品还有其它问题吗? 请在这个表格里提出问题!