NA-FD1 performance: what to expect?

The NA-FD1 fan duct kit makes it possible to significantly improve the performance of Noctua NH-L9i and NH-L9a series CPU coolers in Small Form Factor (SFF) environments where there is a gap of 5mm or more (up to 45mm) between the cooler and a perforated top or side panel. Bridging this gap, the duct prevents the cooler from taking in hot air from the interior and enables it to draw in fresh from the outside through the perforated panel.

In tightly packed, ITX-based Small Form Factor builds, hot air can accumulate around the socket area, so drawing in fresh air from the exterior can make a massive difference in CPU temperatures. In tests with various configurations, typical improvements in CPU temperature of 4-6°C have been measured: .

While the results can vary from setup to setup, the NA-FD1 typically provides a substantial improvement, making it a simple yet smart, flexible, and cost-effective way of boosting the efficiency of NH-L9a and NH-L9i series coolers!


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