The NH-D9L is a premium grade dual tower CPU cooler that has been designed to provide excellent quiet cooling performance at a height of only 110mm. Its comparably low profile (15mm lower than classic 9cm tower coolers such as the NH-U9S) doesn’t only guarantee full 3U compliance but also makes the NH-D9L ideal for compact HTPC and Small Form Factor cases that have airflow paths parallel to the mainboard. Thanks to its 95x95mm footprint, the NH-D9L clears the RAM and PCIe slots on all Intel based and most AMD based ITX mainboards. The included NF-A9 premium fan supports automatic speed control via PWM for outstanding quietness of operation and a second, optional NF-A9 fan can be added for further improved performance in dual fan mode. Topped off with the trusted, pro-grade SecuFirm2™ multi-socket mounting system, Noctua’s proven NT-H1 thermal compound and full 6 years manufacturer’s warranty, the NH-D9L forms a highly compact premium package for space-restricted applications.

Low-profile tower design for better airflow efficiency

Low-profile tower design for better airflow efficiency

While most low-profile coolers blow air towards the motherboard, the NH-D9L is a tower style cooler that bows parallel to the mainboard, which allows for superior airflow efficiency in cases with front intake and rear exhaust fans that create an airflow path parallel to the mainboard.
3U compatibility

3U compatibility

Whereas classic 9cm coolers with up to 125mm height fit 4U rack mount cases, the NH-D9L's reduced height of 110mm allows it to also fit 3U chassis. This makes it ideal for noise-sensitive 3U applications in fields such as audio or video processing.
100% RAM compatibility

100% RAM compatibility

With its 95x95mm footprint, the NH-D9L does not overhang the RAM slots on current Intel and most AMD mainboards. This gives the user full access to the memory modules and guarantees 100% compatibility with tall heatspreaders or optional memory fans.*
100% compatibility with PCIe cards on mini-ITX

100% compatibility with PCIe cards on mini-ITX

Many Intel LGA115x based mini-ITX mainboards have the PCIe slot sitting right next to the 95x95mm socket zone. While larger coolers that exceed this zone are likely to block the PCIe slot, the 95x95xmm sized NH-D9L provides full compatibility with PCIe cards, be it on ATX, microATX or ITX.
NF-A9 premium fan

NF-A9 premium fan

The highly optimised features Noctua's proprietary AAO frame as well as sophisticated aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels, which allows it to further improve the renowned efficiency of Noctua's previous 92mm models and contributes to the NH-D9L' superior cooling performance.
PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptor

PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptor

The NF-A9 92mm fan supplied with the NH-D9L supports PWM for convenient automatic speed control through the mainboard. In addition, the maximum fan speed can be reduced from 2000 to 1550rpm using the supplied Low-Noise Adaptor for even quieter operation.
Dual fan ready

Dual fan ready

The NH-D9L includes an extra set of fan mounting clips for users who want to achieve even better cooling performance by adding a second, optional NF-A9 to the front fin stack. Using the y-cable supplied with the NF-A9 PWM retail fan, both fans can be connected to one CPU fan header.**
SecuFirm2™ mounting system

SecuFirm2™ mounting system

Noctua's SecuFirm2™ mounting systems have become synonymous with quality, safety and ease of use. Supporting Intel LGA115x (LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156), LGA2011 (LGA2011-0 & LGA2011-3) and AMD (AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+), the SecuFirm2™ mounting included with the NH-D9L guarantees perfect contact pressure and maximum convenience on all current sockets.
Compatibility with past and future sockets

Compatibility with past and future sockets

Complying with the open SecuFirm™ standard, the NH-D9L can be made compatible with the older LGA1366 and LGA775 sockets using the optional NM-I3 mounting kit, which is provided by Noctua free of charge. If technically possible, Noctua will also provide upgrade kits for future sockets.
6-year manufacturer’s warranty

6-year manufacturer’s warranty

Noctua products are renowned for their impeccable quality and outstanding longevity. Like all Noctua fans, the supplied NF-A9 features an MTTF rating of more than 150.000 hours and the entire NH-D9L package comes with a full 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.
*Some AMD mainboards violate the 96x114mm keep-out zone specified by AMD, so the NH-D9L can only be used with RAM modules of up to 30mm height on these boards. Please consult our compatibility list for details. **The optional front fan will sit above the RAM and depending on the height of the RAM modules, the fan may have to be moved up so far that the total height of the cooler exceeds 110mm. As a result, the cooler may no longer fit some 3U cases. In order to guarantee full 3U compatibility in dual fan mode, please use low profile memory with up to 22mm height.
Cooler Specification

Intel LGA2011-0 & LGA2011-3(Square ILM), LGA1156, LGA1155, LGA1151, LGA1150 & AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+ (backplate required)

Height (without fan)
110 mm
Width (without fan)
95 mm
Depth (without fan)
95 mm
Height (with fan)
110 mm
Width (with fan)
95 mm
Depth (with fan)
95 mm
Weight (without fan)
428 g
Weight (with fan/s)
531 g
Copper (base and heat-pipes), aluminium (cooling fins), soldered joints & nickel plating
Max. TDP
see TDP guide
Fan compatibility
Scope of Delivery
  • NF-A9 PWM premium fan
  • Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)
  • NT-H1 high-grade thermal compound
  • SecuFirm2™ Mounting Kit
  • Fan-clips for second NF-A9
  • Noctua Metal Case-Badge
6 Years
FAN Specification
Max. Rotational Speed (+/- 10%)
2000 RPM
Max. Rotational Speed with L.N.A. (+/- 10%)
1550 RPM
Min. Rotational Speed (PWM, +/-20%)
400 RPM
Max. Acoustical Noise
22,8 dB(A)
Max. Acoustical Noise with L.N.A.
16,3 dB(A)
Voltage Range
12 V
> 150.000 h
NH-D9L Video
SecuFirm2™ Intel LGA115x installation
SecuFirm2™ Intel LGA2011 installation
SecuFirm2™ AMD installation (NM-AMB1)
Video Reviews
The following video reviews have not been created by Noctua. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the videos lies entirely with the authors.
17.01.2016 // eTeknix.com

NH-D9L Review

When it comes to cooling your system, there are few that do that job better than Noctua. While the cooler may not have had the best cooling performance we’ve ever seen, this much was to be expected, as it is still quite a compact unit. It’s also impressive how many systems this cooler is compatible with, thanks to 100% ram compatibility and a design that shouldn’t conflict with any motherboard VRM, compact and low-profile chassis’ should be an issue and so much more. However, what really shines through is the acoustic performance, as I literally could not hear this cooler running without the fan blades hitting my ears! Obviously, this wasn’t the case after prolonged load on a heavily overclocked CPU, but this cooler wasn’t design for that task anyway. The build quality is as good as it gets and from the contact plate to the tip of the heat pipes, it’s easy to see that a lot of care has gone into the material choices and construction. This is also one of the reasons the price is a bit higher that similar price and performance products, as the Noctua product has a sublime six-year warranty and I’ve no doubt it’ll long outlast even that. The same can be said for the fan, Noctua fans are regarded as some of the finest in the world, it’ll stay cool and quiet for a very long time. If you’re on the market for a compact, powerful, whisper-quiet cooler that doesn’t cost the Earth, then you’ll be very happy with what Noctua have to offer here. It’s a perfect cooler for a non-overclocked CPU, a workstation or office system.
Test verdict: "Compact, well made and excellent value for money, the Noctua NH-D9L is perfect for those that want a quiet, reliable and widely compatible CPU cooler." (Peter Donnell, eTeknix.com)
04.02.2015 // Modders-Inc.com

NH-D9L Review

The Noctua NH-D9L performed very well considering its size being the smallest heatsink in the set. Performance level is very similar to the extremely popular and larger CM Hyper 212+ and dual NH-U9B SE2 in the standardized overclocked test. It placed last in the stock benchmarks but handled overclocks better than the dual-fan NH-U9B SE2 once additional voltage is introduced and the CPU was overclocked. Adding a second NF-A9 fan to the NH-D9L pushed performance closer to the NH-U9S. In terms of noise level, the NF-A9 fan on the NH-D9L is also the quietest and even with the added fan, it is still quieter than the previous generation NH-U9B SE2 which is running at a lower RPM.
Test verdict: " heatsink with such small footprint is designed primarily to be able to fit in tight-spaced situations unlike regular tower coolers so it will be unfair to just strictly look at the NH-D9L from a cooling performance standpoint but it manages to impress even out of that context. The dual-tower design also allows it to provide superior clearance even compared to the NH-U9S when it comes to either RAM, PCI-E expansion card or MOSFET heatsinks. The NH-D9L also boasts a mere 110mm height clearance which fits under 3U specifications. Coupled with the NF-A9 low noise fan, the NH-D9L not only finds usefulness inside HTPC systems but also noise sensitive audio/video production workstations." (Ron Perillo, Modders-Inc.com)
07.01.2015 // SilentPCReview.com

NH-D9L Review

The Noctua NH-U9S and NH-D9L are welcome additions to the Noctua line of high quality CPU coolers. They expand cooling options for Silent PC enthusiasts seeking smaller quiet systems. Both of these coolers are very close to the size of the long discontinued Scythe Ninja Mini, a unique short tower heatsink in its day. The 110mm and 125mm height clearance and small footprint of these coolers allows them to be used in much smaller cases than tower coolers normally allow. They fare well in comparison to both tower and top-down 120mm fan heatsinks, though they can't challenge the best tested on our LGA1155 platform. The improved performance with an additional fan in push-pull mode at very low noise levels makes these coolers even more versatile. The big plus for the PC builder is that they're almost as low profile as the bigger top-down fan heatsinks, but have the advantage of blowing the heat out towards a nearby back or top panel vent. The efficient evacuation of heat from the case is a key element in quiet PC cooling. We've already used the NH-D9L successfully in such a role in two recent small Gaming Build Guides — Quiet Mini-ITX Gaming Build Guide #2: NCASE M1 Edition and Journey to a Silent MicroATX Gamer. In both of these builds the only other cooler we know of that might have fulfilled the same role is the NH-U9S. The traditional Noctua strengths of excellent secure mounting, ease of installation and thoughtful accessories combine with the absence of any real competition from other brands to make them compelling.
Test verdict: "[I]f small and quiet is beautiful to you, these new 92mm fan tower coolers from Noctua are tough to beat." (Mike Chin, SilentPCReview.com)
29.12.2014 // El Chapuzas Informático

NH-D9L Review

En el grafico anterior podemos observar las temperaturas alcanzadas por el Noctua NH-D9L con uno o dos ventiladores. Vemos así como con una temperatura ambiente de 17ºC, alcanzamos los 66.5-67.75ºC bajo carga de trabajo (3.90 GHz) y subimos hasta los 83-84ºC realizando cierto overclocking al procesador (4.20 GHz). Teniendo en cuenta que nuestro i7-4770K es muy muy calentorro, son excelentes temperaturas para mantenerlo bien fresco con un uso convencional.
Test verdict: "El Noctua NH-D9L es quizás uno de los mejores disipadores compactos que podemos encontrar en el mercado, pues con su altura de tan solo 110 mm permite ser instalado en chasis realmente estrechos. Su rendimiento está a la altura de lo que una marca como Noctua garantiza y más aún su sonoridad, por lo que su única pega puede ser el diseño de los ventiladores que no termina de convencer a todo el público." (Iván Martínez, El Chapuzas Informático)
17.12.2014 // PC-Max.de

NH-D9L Review

Für Home-Theater-PCs, Small-Formfaktor-Konfigurationen oder auch kompakte Gaming-Rigs, bei denen das Hauptaugenmerk weniger auf einer High-End-CPU mit allzu hoher TDP liegt, können sowohl der NH-U9S als auch der NH-D9L mit ausgezeichneter Qualität und Verarbeitung punkten, wie wir es von Noctua gewohnt sind. Auch das Gesamtpaket mit einem anpassungsfreudigen PWM-Lüfter, der Möglichkeit einen zusätzlichen Fan problemlos zu integrieren und damit weitere Leistungsreserven auszuschöpfen sowie die Tatsache, dass vom Montagematerial bis hin zu kleinen Details wie einer - "gütig"- mangels anderen Wortes - dimensionierten Einheit Wärmeleitpaste oder dem hochwertigen Case-Badge keinerlei Kompromisse eingegangen wurden, zeichnen die beiden Kühler aus.
Test verdict: "Auch wenn es sich bei den beiden neuen Kühlern von Noctua um keine Modelle mit brachialer Cooling-Performance handelt, liegen die verzeichneten Temperaturen in einem Bereich, der einige deutlich ausladendere Konkurrenten überflügelt. Zudem muss sich vor Augen geführt werden, in welchen Einsatzgebieten die Verwendung eines derart kompakten CPU-Coolers sinnvoll ist. Die kleinen Würfel machen aufgrund ihrer großen Kompatibilität mit umliegenden Bauteilen des Systems und der besonders im Falle des NH-D9L geringen Bauhöhe vor allem in kompakten Systemen viel her." (William Zwingenberger, PC-Max.de)
12.12.2014 // ExtraHardware.cz

NH-D9L Review

+ nemá žiadnu priamu alternatívu
+ veľmi slušný výkon pri max. otáčkach
+ účinnosť porovnateľná s
mainstreamovými štandardne vysokými chladičmi
+ nadštandardná podpora zo strany výrobcu (predzvesť kompatibility i o niekoľko rokov)
+ stabilná a pohodlná montáž k základnej doske
+ prvotriedne dielenské spracovanie pasívu
+ osvedčené dlhoveké ventilátory s tichým motorčekom
+ nezasahuje do priestoru pamäťových slotov
Test verdict: "NH-D9L je už ale svojim spôsobom unikát a vo svojej kategórii nemá prakticky žiadnu konkurenciu. Skrátka, lepší vežovitý chladič okolo 110 mm, než akým je Noctua NH-D9L, neexistuje – udeľujeme 'We Want It!'." (Ľubomír Samák, ExtraHardware.cz)
11.12.2014 // AwardFabrik.de

NH-D9L Review

Der NH-D9L ist unter 7V Lüfterspannung sehr leise, selbst mit einer Doppelbelüftung steigt der Wert auf maximal 36,1dB. Dieser Wert deckt sich 1:1 mit dem des NH-U9S. Unter 12V ist er mit 39,7 respektive 40,9dB bei zwei montierten Lüftern minimal leiser als der Testpartner. Im Gegensatz zum NH-U9S skaliert der Kühler sehr stark mit einem zweiten Lüfter; schade, dass ausgerechnet dieser bei unserem Mainboard die beiden vorderen Ram-Slots blockiert. Auch hier kann die Lüfterdrehzahl durch den beiliegenden L.N.A. auf maximal 1550 Umdrehungen gedrosselt werden. Die CPU erreicht maximal 39 bzw. 34°C bei 7V Lüfterspannung, mit gesteigerter Umdrehungszahl sind es 34 respektive 30°C. Wird die Vcore erhöht und eine Lüfterspannung von 7V gewählt, werden Temperaturen von 61 bzw. 51°C erreicht. Mit 12V sind es nur noch 44 bzw. 41°C. Damit kann sich der NH-D9L einen Platz im oberen Mittelfeld sichern. Neben der ausgewachsenen Kühlleistung und dem umfangreichen Zubehör samt 6 jähriger Garantie und potenter Serienbelüftung erhält der Käufer ein durchdachtes Kühlkonzept, was einen Preis von 50€ rechtfertigt.
Test verdict: "Noctua hat mit den kompakten Kühlern NH-U9S sowie NH-D9L zwei sehr potente Produkte auf den Markt geworfen, die sich, obwohl sie mit einer Grundfläche von nicht mal 10cm2 ideal für uATX und ITX Gaming Systeme geeignet sind, nicht vor den großen Konkurrenzprodukten – auch aus den eigenen Reihen – verstecken müssen." (Denis Emmerich, AwardFabrik.de)
04.12.2014 // Conseil Config

NH-D9L Review

Frère de l'excellent NH-U9S mais avec une compatibilité serveur 3U le NH-D9L propose une qualité de fabrication tout simplement excellente, le bundle est comme d'habitude très fourni, le montage est très simple grâce au système secufirm2 et la compatibilité mémoire ainsi que le premier port PCIe est totale! Du côté des performances il fait quasiment jeu égal avec le NH-U9S et compte tenu de sa taille s'en sort vraiment très bien, que ce soit avec 1 ou 2 ventilateurs. Les nuisances sonores sont très bonnes à part si le ventilateur est alimenté en 12V, le mode PWM restera le meilleur choix.
Test verdict: "Le Noctua NH-D9L est un excellent choix lors du montage d'une configuration PC mini-ITX, un HTPC de très petite taille ou encore un serveur au format 3U qui se veut silencieux, du fait de ses très bonnes performances pour sa taille." (Christian Marchini, Conseil Config)
12.01.2017 // Le Comptoir du Hardware

NH-D9L Review

Noctua nous livre une fois de plus du bon Noctua. Le NH-D9L est soigné dans sa conception et offre une finition haut de gamme à l'autrichienne. Pour appuyer le côté premium du ventirad, il est accompagné d'un bundle très complet comme nous l'offre généralement la marque au hibou. Performant, compact et polyvalent, le petit double tour saura prendre soin de votre processeur, qu'il soit utilisé dans un serveur (compatibilité U3), dans une petite station de travail ou dans un home cinéma; sa hauteur ne sera pas contraignante. Nous apprécions toujours autant la facilité d'installation des produits Noctua, la fixation étant très simple à manipuler. Les performances sont excellentes pour ce petit modèle dont les capacités de dissipation max seront limitées à 140W. Au-delà de ce seuil, il sera nécessaire de l'équiper d'un second ventilateur et de l'installer dans un boîtier bien aéré.
Test verdict: "À l'issue de notre dossier et à la vue de tous les éléments évoqués, nous n'hésiterons pas une seule seconde à gratifier le Noctua NH-D9L de nos 5 étoiles." (Thierry Comtesse, Le Comptoir du Hardware)
26.12.2016 // GamesVillage.it

NH-D9L Review

Il sistema di montaggio sviluppato da Noctua, SecuFirm2™ risulta parecchio semplice e intuitivo, grazie anche al cacciavite già fornito in dotazione. Nonostante la ventola abbia un diametro di soli 90 mm in idle risulta praticamente inudibile rispetto alle altre ventole presenti nel case . Ciò denota una elevata qualità costruttiva, la velocità minima di rotazione ammonta a 400 RPM mentre sotto carico arriva fino a 2000 RPM, la rumorosità massima dichiarata è di soli 22,8 dB(senza Adattatore Low noise), la rumorosità massima dichiarata con l’adattatore Low noise è di 16,3 dB(A), praticamente inudibile a scapito delle prestazioni ridotte. Ovviamente sotto sforzo è udibile un ronzio((senza Adattatore Low noise) ma nulla a che vedere rispetto ai modelli stock di dissipatori, le ventole supplementari del case usato per i test sono risultate indubbiamente più rumorose. Sul piano delle performance il Noctua NH-D9L si difende bene, nonostante le dimensioni ridotte e un processore non proprio “tranquillo” in fatto di temperature. Per effettuare i nostri test abbiamo affidato al NH-D9L un processore AMD FX 8350 a frequenze stock(4.0 GHz). In idle abbiamo rilevato una temperatura più che accettabile di 35 °C. Durante le sessioni di gaming più impegnative con Battlefield 1 invece la temperatura si è attestata sui 55 °C. Un ottimo risultato per il piccolo di casa Noctua. Date le ridotte dimensioni di corpo lamellare e ventola, l’overclock con questo dissipatore è sconsigliato. Noctua confida nella qualità costruttiva con cui realizza i suoi prodotti, l’ NH-D9L è garantito ben 6 anni.
Test verdict: "Nonostante la maggior parte dei dissipatori bitorre risulti parecchio ingombrante, il Noctua NH-D9L è uno dei bitorre più piccoli sul mercato, caratteristica che permette l'installazione insieme a moduli RAM ad alto profilo e sistemi di ridotte dimensioni HTPC. Come i modelli di Noctua ci hanno abituato anche questo dissipatore fa della silenziosità e qualità costruttiva i suoi punti di forza. Saldature eccellenti, design ben studiato, rumorosità ridotta al minimo nonché una dotazione molto completa." (Daniele Massari, GamesVillage.it)

Installation Manual (PDF)

Information Sheet (PDF)

How big is the NH-D9L and how much clearance does it provide for RAM and mainboard heatsinks?

Thanks to its 95x95mm footprint, the NH-D9L clears the RAM and mainboard heatsinks on all Intel and most AMD based mainboards, including µATX and ITX. Please refer to the following drawing for the exact measurements and clearance for RAM and chipset coolers:


How can I determine if the motherboard’s UEFI BIOS is overclocking my processor by default and deactivate this automatic overclocking?

Most motherboard vendors allow their overclocking-enabled products (e.g. those with Intels X- or Z-series chipsets) to run the processor at increased clock speeds by default, without requiring any user action at all. Since TDP (Thermal Design Power) limits are usually also disabled by default, this leads to the CPU exceeding the rated TDP to a varying degree, depending on the used applications and their workloads. Due to the increased heat output of the CPU, you may see higher CPU temperatures than expected.

In order to find out if your motherboard is overclocking your processor by default, please enter the UEFI BIOS and select the “advanced” or “overclocking” menu. There you should be able to find options such as “MultiCore Enhancement” (options: enabled/disabled), “CPU Ratio Apply Mode” (options: all/per core) or similar. To disable the automatic overclocking, adjust the settings either to “disabled” or “per core” and make sure that the individual multipliers match the original specifications.

In doubt, please contact your motherboard vendor for detailed instructions on how to disable this feature.

My unlocked Intel CPU is running too hot although my heatsink supports the specified TDP, what's the problem?

Intel's unlocked CPUs (K, X and C suffix) can dissipate more heat than indicated by the TDP specification if
  1. the TDP limits are extended or disabled in the motherboards' BIOS.
  2. the motherboard applies automatic overclocking by default, e.g. by raising the supply voltage of the CPU and using higher Turbo-Mode multipliers.
  3. some software creates untypical loads, e.g. Prime95 with AVX2 support and a) and/or b) apply.

This can lead to temperature issues, especially when using smaller coolers or compact cases.

The actual power draw of the processor can be monitored with software provided by the motherboard vendor or with 3rd party tools like HWInfo or HWMonitor.

If you encounter temperature issues (>90°C) and notice a higher than specified power draw, please ensure that no automatic overclocking is applied and limit the TDP to the specified value by choosing appropriate BIOS settings.

For Kaby Lake CPUs, it may also help to lower the CPU clock speed for applications that heavily use the AVX instruction set, which can lead to higher loads and power draw. This option is usually referred to as “AVX offset” and makes it possible to lower the multiplier specifically for AVX based applications without reducing performance when using other instruction sets. Depending on the quality of the CPU and the programs being used, a reduction of 2-3 steps usually gives very good results.

Please contact your motherboard vendor for details if you have trouble finding the appropriate settings in the BIOS.

All our TDP recommendations are based on thorough testing with the default values specified by Intel using popular applications such as Asus Realbench and prime95. Please note, however, that prime95 creates a particularly high load that goes beyond typical application scenarios and this leads to elevated temperatures. We thus recommend using other programs such as Realbench for checking the stability and temperatures of the CPU in realistic scenarios.

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