The NF-A20 is a highly optimised, premium quality quiet 200mm fan. Featuring an AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) standard frame as well as sophisticated aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels, the NF-A20 brings the renowned quiet cooling performance of Noctua’s award-winning A-series to the increasingly popular 20cm form factor. The PWM version uses Noctua’s custom designed NE-FD1 IC for fully automatic speed control via 4-pin fan headers, which allows it to strike a perfect balance between quietness and ventilation performance in each given situation. Its superb running smoothness, reference-class SSO2 bearing and Noctua’s trusted premium quality make the NF-A20 an elite choice for the highest demands.

Please refer to our case compatibility list for detailed compatibility information.

Award-winning Noctua quality in 20cm size

Award-winning Noctua quality in 20cm size

While more and more PC cases support 20cm intake, side-panel or exhaust fans, many of the bundled stock units and available aftermarket options are of questionable quality. By contrast, the NF-A20 is a true premium grade solution worthy of Noctua’s award-winning A-series.
154mm, 110x180mm and 170mm hole spacing

154mm, 110x180mm and 170mm hole spacing

In order to ensure broad compatibility with today’s PC cases, the NF-A20 features three sets of mounting holes: While the 154x154mm and 110x180mm spacing allow it to replace most 200mm fans, the 170x170mm spacing is used by many 230 and 250mm fans, which can thus also be replaced by the NF-A20.*
Flow Acceleration Channels

Flow Acceleration Channels

The NF-A20 impeller features suction side Flow Acceleration Channels. By speeding up the airflow at the crucial outer blade regions, this measure reduces suction side flow separation and thus leads to better efficiency and lower vortex noise.
AAO frame

AAO frame

Noctua's AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frames feature integrated anti-vibration pads as well as Noctua's proprietary Stepped Inlet Design and Inner Surface Microstructures, both of which further refine the fan's performance/noise efficiency.
Stepped Inlet Design

Stepped Inlet Design

Noctua's Stepped Inlet Design adds turbulence to the influx in order to facilitate the transition from laminar flow to turbulent flow, which reduces tonal intake noise, improves flow attachment and increases suction capacity, especially in space-restricted environments.
Inner Surface Microstructures

Inner Surface Microstructures

With the tips of the fan blades ploughing through the boundary layer created by the Inner Surface Microstructures, flow separation from the suction side of the blades is significantly suppressed, which results in reduced blade passing noise and improved airflow and pressure efficiency.
Integrated anti-vibration pads

Integrated anti-vibration pads

Integrated anti-vibration pads made from extra-soft silicone minimise the transmission of minute vibrations while maintaining full compatibility with all standard screws and other mounting systems.
Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD

Custom-designed PWM IC with SCD

Supporting fully automatic PWM speed control, the fan uses Noctua's custom-designed NE-FD1 PWM IC that integrates Smooth Commutation Drive (SCD) technology. By providing smoother torque impulses, SCD suppresses PWM switching noises and thus makes the fan quieter at low speeds.
Low-Noise Adaptor

Low-Noise Adaptor

The NF-A20 PWM is supplied with a (L.N.A.) that reduces the maximum fan speed from 800 to 550rpm. The L.N.A. can be used either to run the fan at a fixed speed of 550rpm or to cap the maximum speed when using automatic PWM control.
Extensive cabling options

Extensive cabling options

The fan's short 20cm primary cable minimises cable clutter in typical applications while the supplied 30cm extension provides extended reach when necessary. Both cables are fully sleeved and a 4-pin y-cable allows the connection of a second fan to the same PWM fan header for automatic control.
SSO2 bearing

SSO2 bearing

The NF-A20 features the further optimised second generation of Noctua's renowned, time-tested SSO bearing. With SSO2, the rear magnet is placed closer to the axis to provide even better stabilisation, precision and durability.
6-year manufacturer’s warranty

6-year manufacturer’s warranty

Noctua fans are renowned for their impeccable quality and outstanding longevity. Like all Noctua fans, the NF-A20 features an MTTF of more than 150.000 hours rating and comes with a full 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.
*As there is no fixed industry standard for the size or hole spacing of 200mm, 220mm, 230mm or 250mm fans, please see our case compatibility list and carefully check both the hole setup of your chassis and the available space (the NF-A20 is 30mm thick whereas some other 200mm fans are only 20mm!) in order to verify that the NF-A20 is compatible with your chassis. In case of doubt, please contact your chassis manufacturer.
Notes and warnings
Please refer to our case compatibility list for detailed compatibility information.

FAN Specification
200x200x30 mm
Mounting hole spacing
154x154, 110x180, 170x170 mm
Cable length
20cm + 30cm NA-EC1 extension cable
Blade geometry
Rotational speed (+/- 10%)
800 RPM
Rotational speed with L.N.A. (+/- 10%)
550 RPM
Min. rotational speed (PWM, +/-20%)
350 RPM
Acoustical noise
18,1 dB(A)
Acoustical noise with L.N.A.
10,7 dB(A)
Static pressure
1,08 mm H₂O
Static pressure with L.N.A.
0,51 mm H₂O
Max. input power
0,96 W
Max. input current
0,08 A
Operating voltage
12 V
> 150.000 h
Scope of delivery
  • Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)
  • 4-pin y-cable
  • 30cm extension cable
  • NA-AV3 anti-vibration mounts
  • NA-AV4 anti-vibration mounts
  • Fan screws
6 years
13.06.2017 // Overclockers.com

NF-A20 PWM Review

These fans took a long time to get right. Noctua should be praised for holding them back until they were this good. These are strongly built fans. Just holding them is a pleasure. In the photographs you can see the struts, but in person the broad blades seem to take up the whole disk. The fans come with a lot of accessories, including enough that you can choose how to fasten your fan. And the many screw-holes will let this fan to go into a large number of settings. You won’t be able to tell that Noctua used a new material for its impeller: it behaves like a 120 mm or a 140 mm fan. It has none of the pliability you have come to expect in a fan this large. It’s solid and Noctua is keeping the price down to match their other fans. That last is pretty amazing. At bottom a fan is a fan. It is a rotating device which pushes air. But this moves a lot of air and it does so very quietly and uses less than a watt doing so.
Test verdict: "It makes me want to go out and get a case that needs 200 mm fans." (Ed Hume, overclockers.com)
27.09.2017 // El Chapuzas Informático

NF-A20 PWM Review

Noctua ha lanzado una nueva colección de productos de gama alta para el apartado de refrigeración que, como siempre, dejan a la marca en excelente lugar. Por un lado, tenemos los ventiladores Noctua NF-A12x15, una excelente alternativa para disipadores slim o chasis compactos donde no tengan cabida los tradicionales de 25 mm de grosor. Los NF-A20 son una opción para chasis que permitan los modelos de 200 mm, aunque no ofrecen una gran mejora frente a modelos de 120 mm. Mientras, los NF-A4x20 son un sustituto ideal para dispositivos ultracompactos, ya sea por reparación o para mejorar su sonoridad. Por si fuera poco, todos ellos ofrecen nada menos que 6 años de garantía, por lo que tenemos ventiladores para rato. Además, Noctua siempre busca suplir todas las necesidades de sus clientes y para ello lanza algunos accesorios como los que hemos visto, los se unen a un inmenso portafolio que podemos consultar aquí.
Test verdict: "Como no podía ser de otra forma, desde del El Chapuzas Informático le otorgamos el Galardón de Platino a los ventiladores Noctua NF-A12x15, NF-A4x20 y NF-A20 y los nuevos accesorios, productos todos ellos de la más alta calidad. En lo que respecta al precio, en el momento de la redacción no están listados en nuestro país." (Iván Martínez, El Chapuzas Informático)
12.07.2017 // FunkyKit.com

NF-A20 PWM Review

We have no doubt about the top quality of Noctua products. Each one of them is well designed. Even the package is exceptional. Most manufacturers are missing these little things that count while Noctua provides package with everything you may need for installation. Long years of designing and engeneering gave great results. Where you could think there can’t be done much more, Noctua proved that even the best products can be improved. New A series fans are the best in their class and it’s hard to find anything similar on the market. Even though new fans are considered as “slim”, they provide top air pressure while keeping low level of generated noise. Perfect balance for all who expect the best from their fans.
Test verdict: "We are recommending all new Noctua products without any hesitation!" (Bartosz Waluk, FunkyKit.com)
10.07.2017 // pc.sk

NF-A20 PWM Review

Ventilátor (NF-A20) je naozaj "obrovský" a neskutočne kvalitne spracovaný. Keď ho chytíte do ruky, okamžite mu prepáčite jeho cenu 29.99 eur. Konštrukcia, príslušenstvo - všetko kričí na Vás top kvalitou. Na ventilátor som pozeral zopár minút než som sa vôbec dostal k testu.
Test verdict: "Noctua priniesla opäť skvelé produkty, ktoré nájdu svoje uplatnenie u veľa nadšencov do chladenia. Ak sa Vám zdá cena Noctua ventilátorov vysoká, môžem Vám s kľudom povedať, že za svoje peniaze dostanete top kvalitu a len málo ventilátorov sa vyrovná tomuto výrobcovi. Plus odo mňa dostáva Noctua za svoje ventilátory – 200mm, 120mm Slim a 40mm ventilátory, ktoré vynikajú pomerom výkon vs. hluk. Najväčší 200mm ventilátor si však zaslúži extra pozornosť, pretože vyčnieva nad hociktorý iný ventilátor, ktorý som doteraz videl a mal možnosť testovať. Na všetky ventilátory dostanete záruku 6 rokov. Regulátor NA-FC1 si pravdepodobne nenájde uplatnenie u bežných používateľov." (Lukáš Lancz, pc.sk)
10.07.2017 // PC Ekspert

NF-A20 PWM Review

Veliki NF-A20 i u PWM i U FLX verziji košta oko 33 € što je korektna cijena za veličinu ventilatora, svu opremu koju donosi i na kraju krajeva vrlo dobre performanse uz ne previsoku buku. Kvaliteta izrade je visoka, materijali odlični a tehnologije jamče dugovječnost – kao i šest godišnje jamstvo uostalom. NF-A12x15 su po cijeni od 24 € pogodni za ugradnju u skučenija HTPC kućišta i na manje hladnjake, a obavezno ih se treba malo usporiti jer su na visokim okretajima čujniji. “Propuh” koji stvaraju je vrlo dobar i na nižim okretajima. A4x20 je u svim verzijama oko 20 €. Visoka je to cijena za 40-milimetarske ventilatore, no zbog kvalitete izrade, jamstva i ponajprije velike kompatibilnosti i mogućnosti prilagodbe isplati se platiti i tako visoki iznos. Ventilatori jesu bučniji pri visokim okretajima, no za kakav komad mrežne opreme koji je u ormaru to i nije bitno, a koncentrirana je zračna struja visoka i moćna. NA-SAV3 i SAV4 su po 11.50 € za što kupac dobiva kvalitetu, kompatibilnost s velikim brojem ventilatora i 16 komada nosača za po četiri ventilatora. NA-FC1 je svestran i kvalitetan kontroler za do tri ventilatora koji je moguće napajati direktno iz SATA Power konektora, pa može kontrolirati i jače ventilatore, no nije jeftin – 15 €. I za kraj, NA-SAC5 adapter koji može biti iznimno koristan za jače ventilatore koji se direktno napajaju iz SATA Power konektora i tako ne opterećuju ploču. Negativna je jedino cijena od oko 8 €.
Test verdict: "Noctua koristi svoju veliku ekspertizu u izradi sve boljih ventilatora iz godine u godinu. Novosti za ovu su tri varijante koje smo u ovom članku pokazali i svaka je od njih posebna, a to uključuje i sve izvedenice pojedinih ventilatora. [...] Svi Noctuini proizvodi su kao uvijek korisni i zaslužuju visoke preporuke, a jedino što ima zapravo možemo zamjeriti je nešto viša cijena za naše hrvatske (prazne) džepove." (Krešimir Matanović, PC Ekspert)
26.06.2017 // modding.fr

NF-A20 PWM Review

La finition est toujours du niveau Noctua, donc excellente. On parle bien de finition et non de couleur qui est un argument totalement subjectif… On retrouve tous les atouts qui font du ventilateur de la série NF-A un excellent ventilateur. Une construction faite pour durer tout en maîtrisant le niveau sonore et les performances (la garantie est portée à 6 ans). Certes la pression statique n’est pas des plus élevée, mais ce n’est pas ce que l’on demande à un ventilateur de 200 mm vu qu’il ne sera pas associé à un radiateur Aircooling ou Watercooling. Nous allons plutôt le juger sur son débit d’air qu’il est capable d’engendrer : 146.9 m3/h ! Seules les versions IndustrialPPC font mieux mais engendrent une forte augmentation du niveau sonore.
Test verdict: "Avec le NF-A20, le bruit est géré à plusieurs niveaux et le résultat est tout aussi agréable pour nos oreilles." (Bertrand Curras, modding.fr)
18.05.2018 // HardwareSfera.com

NF-A20 PWM Review

Tenemos ante nosotros dos ventiladores Noctua NF-A20, de gran formato, uno basado en la tecnología FLEX, que ofrece flexibilidad de funcionamiento según las necesidades, de manera automática y el modelo PWM, que permite variar la velocidad de trabajo según la temperatura del procesador, aumentando el caudal. Son ventiladores polivalentes, de muy buena calidad, pero claramente estos ventiladores están pensados para un número reducido de chasis, ya que son de 200mm de diámetro, un tamaño poco estándar y poco utilizado, pero sin duda, para aquellos que tengan un gran chasis, son ideales. La sonoridad de estos ventiladores está dentro de unos parámetros más que normales, debido a que estos ventiladores trabajan a velocidades relativamente bajas, gracias a sus dimensiones. Sencillamente son ventiladores, similares a los de 120/140mm, pero en este caso operando a una velocidad de trabajo inferior, debido a que cuanto mayor es el ventilador, menos velocidad de trabajo se necesita para operar. Aquellos que tengan chasis compatibles con estos ventiladores, instalando uno de estos inyectando aire y la temperatura bajaran varios grados, debido al gran caudal que es capaz de absorber.
Test verdict: "Excelentes ventiladores, sin lugar a dudas." (Roberto Solé, HardwareSfera.com)
20.03.2018 // EnosTech.com

NF-A20 PWM Review

Jumping right into things and as you would expect from Noctua, the performance of these products is second to none. Given their respective sizes, all of these fans create a decent amount of airflow when tested in an open world environment, i.e. not in a case but just on a table. As mentioned I have actually used the NF-A4x20’s on a 3D printer in the past and was a great upgrade from the cheap fans that it had originally come with. While some may criticize the colour scheme, I don’t recall hearing very many people talk ill of the performance of any Noctua product. These fans all offer a great amount of airflow, again, for their respective sizes and remain as quiet as possible when doing so. The massive NF-A20’s are for those who need the most airflow possible but do make sure your case or where ever you are using them can cater to their 20cm sizes. The A4x20’s and A12x15’s are for when space is crucial and you need the most from your fans. The small 20mm and their unique size can come in handy for a number of scenarios. The added airflow to say the intake vents on a lot of the newer PC gaming cases is sure to help keep your components as cool as can be. The A12x15 are slimline and will surely come in handy for those looking to go with a push/pull configuration on any radiators for CPU and GPU cooling. Too many times have I seen a case where you can’t install a push/pull configuration due to space restrictions, well no more! Noctua’s A12x15 are sure to help you overcome this issue with ease. All of these fans in their own rights are equally useful and offer the same great performance we have come to know and love from Noctua. As far as the accessories go, they all perform as good as one could hope for. My Favourite was probably the fan controller as it allowed me to control my 2 front intake fans and 1 exhaust fan with ease. During the day I like them silent, but when the headphones come out and the game comes on, it’s time to turn the fans up a bit and this was done easily and quickly. The Anti-vibration mounts are nice as well. Not only do they reduce noise from vibrations, they allow you to install and remove your fans with ease which is always a plus when it comes time to clean them. Lastly, the 4-pin PWM to SATA power cable is a great addition to any build as it will allow you to connect a fan to any extra SATA power cables you have coming from your power supply. Those with motherboards that don’t have a lot of fan headers and are not keen on using a controller will find these very useful.
Test verdict: "If you want the best of the best and you want it to last you for as long as you’ll need, then Noctua has the answer for you. These products on review here today are well worth their individual price tags and you shouldn’t be put off paying a bit extra for them considering everything they have to offer." (Ben Enos, EnosTech.com)
02.01.2018 // PureOverclock.com

NF-A20 PWM Review

Another issue that I ran into is the fact that these fans are so incredibly quiet that I was not able to pick them up with my dB meter. The ambient noise in my condo is above that of the fans, and the only one I can audibly hear over anything else any more than a foot away is the 120 mm fan. At 70% speed (thanks again for the awesome tool, Noctua!), I was only able to hear it at the same distance as the other fans. It becomes audible above 70%, but not intrusively. I have an absolutely maddening obsession when it comes to rig silence, so for me to say this, it tells you something. Even the 40 mm fans did me very proud indeed. I was able to hear them a very small amount, but given that they are spinning at 5000 RPM (I may or may not have tried to stick my finger in to slow it down…), it blew me away with its noise level. Simply phenomenal acoustic levels.
Test verdict: "If you can afford the premium price that comes attached with Noctua products, and you don’t mind their browny-beige color scheme, then they are absolutely one of the best fan makers in the world. I honestly forgot how quiet and premium their fans were until I got my hands on the care package that they sent over." (Brendan van Varik, PureOverclock.com)
02.10.2017 // PC Update

NF-A20 PWM Review

Pour essayer de mettre en perspective l’intérêt d’un tel monstre, nous l’avons benché dans un PC assemblé dans le boîtier Prodigy avec une configuration de joueur, à savoir un i5-4670K et une GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Nous avons comparé ce Noctua A20 avec un ventilateur BitFenix Spectre Pro 200 mm ainsi qu’avec le 120 mm d’origine du boîtier et en limitant la rotation du 120 mm à 1000 tours pour rester silencieux (les 200 mm étant à fond, respectivement à 800 et 900 tpm). En mettant le PC en charge ludique (la démo du dernier 3Dmark en boucle), la température du CPU refroidi par un NH-U12S passe de 59° avec le 120 mm à 56° avec le 200 mm BitFenix et 55° avec le 200 mm Noctua et c’est surtout le GPU qui en profite réduisant de 85° à 76° et 72°. Sachant que le Noctua est en plus le plus inaudible des trois, on comprend que la qualité du célèbre fabricant autrichien est au rendez-vous.
Test verdict: "Noctua ne sort pas des produits aussi souvent qu’on aimerait, mais au moins, la qualité est toujours au rendez-vous. C’est encore valable cette fois avec trois séries de ventilateurs atypiques, mais les meilleures dans leurs domaines d’application. Le prix est certes premium, mais en adéquation avec les performances, le bundle et même la garantie de 6 ans incluse avec tous ces ventilateurs." (Thomas Olivaux, PC Update No. 90)


  • Compact, highly flexible controller for 4-pin PWM fans


  • S-ATA to 4-pin power adaptor cable for fans


  • 4-Pin Extension Cables

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Installation Manual (PDF)

Information Sheet (PDF)

Which cases does the NF-A20 fit?

Please refer to our case compatibility list for detailed compatibility information.

Can I use Low-Noise Adaptors with y-cables / multiple fans?

Yes, Low-Noise Adaptors (L.N.A.s) can be used with y-cables, but please make sure to use one L.N.A. per fan and to place the L.N.A.s between the y-cable and the fans as shown below. Never use one L.N.A. for two (or more fans) by placing it between the mainboard and the y-cable!


Where can I find a technical documentation and specifications of the PWM speed control system of Noctua’s fans?

While using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) based fan speed control in PC environments is usually straightforward and does not require any background knowledge, it can be vital when it comes to controlling fans via PWM in other environments. Please refer to our specification white paper for a detailed technical documentation of the PWM speed control features of Noctua’s 4-pin PWM fans. Detailing aspects such as connector types, pin configuration or RPM speed signal output as well as signal specifications and circuit design questions, it enables engineers to implement PWM based speed control for Noctua fans in custom circuit designs and applications.

How much torque should be used for fan screws?

Please use 0.6Nm to tighten fan screws. Make sure not to overtighten the screws as this may damage the fan frame.

Can I use Noctua fans in my system from Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo or other major brands?

Noctua 12V fans comply with the established specifications for standard PC systems issued by Intel and AMD. Systems from Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo or other major brands often deviate from these specifications e.g. by using proprietary fan headers, custom pin-alignments or pin-configurations, different methods of fan speed control, etc. This can lead to compatibility issues when using Noctua fans in systems from said brands. Some of these problems can be avoided with some technical knowledge, but especially BIOS related issues (e.g. errors or shutdowns due to low fan speed) can often not be resolved. As a result, Noctua does not officially support systems from Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo or other major brands.

How can I check if my 4-pin fan header supports PWM?

Some mainboards feature 4-pin fan headers that actually don‘t use a PWM signal on Pin 4 to control the fan speed but rather reduce the voltage on Pin 2 (like a standard 3-pin fan header). As the fan speed at minimum voltage is usually higher than the speed at 20% PWM duty cycle, the fan can not reach as low minimum speeds under voltage control as under PWM control. Please refer to your mainboard manual to check whether or not your mainboard has 4-pin fan headers that control the fan speed by reducing voltage on Pin 2 rather than by changing the PWM duty cycle on Pin 4:

4 pin fan header types

Note that mainboard manufacturers use different terms to indicate that Pin 4 is not being used for PWM control (e.g. “+5V”, “VCC” or “NC”), but if one of these terms is used, you can be sure that the fan header does not support PWM. If Pin 4 is described as “Speed Control” or “PWM” or the like, you can be sure that the fan header supports PWM.

Unfortunately, the description of Pin 2 is not always a clear indication as some manufacturers use terms such as “Fan PWR” or “Power” for both types of fan headers. However, if Pin 2 is described as “Speed Control”, you can also be sure that the fan header does not support PWM based speed control. If Pin 2 is described as “+12V”, this is a clear indication that the fan header supports PWM.

Please also note that in some cases, the descriptions of the pin layouts in the mainboard manuals may not be correct and some models actually allow you to switch the fan headers from voltage control mode to PWM control mode in the BIOS even though the pin descriptions do not indicate PWM support. We thus recommend to look for these options in the BIOS before taking other measures. In case of doubt, please contact your mainboard manufacturer.

If your mainboard features other 4-pin fan headers that use PWM for speed control, you can run multiple fans from these headers using Y-split cables. Make sure not to exceed the specified maximum power draw of the fan headers (usually 10-12W) though.

How should I clean my Noctua fan?

Fans inside computer cases tend to accumulate dust over longer periods of usage. In order to maintain maximum performance, please clean your fans regularly using a duster, slightly moist tissue or canned air. Please be careful not to use too much force in order to prevent any damage to the fan. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner as this may apply excessive force to the fan and do not put the fan under running water as water residues inside the motor may lead to short circuits.
In order to ensure flawless operation over many years of usage, Noctua’s premium grade SSO bearings are fully sealed to prevent the entering of fine dust particles. Please note that the fan is not designed to be taken apart by the user. Removing the impeller from the frame will break the sealing of the bearing and results in a loss of warranty.

What pin configuration do Noctua 12V fans use?

All Noctua fans feature the standard pin-configurations set out in the Intel and AMD specifications. These standard pin-configurations are used on most mainboards and fan controllers today:

pin configuration

Can I run 4-pin PWM fans on 3-pin fan headers?

PWM fans come with a 4-pin connectors for fully automatic speed control via your mainboard’s 4-pin PWM fan headers. Please note that 4-pin fans can also be connected to your mainboard’s 3-pin fan headers though. When connected to 3-pin fan headers, the fan will run at full speed (unless the mainboard supports voltage based speed control).

Can I disassemble my fan for cleaning (or other purposes, e.g. painting)?

In order to ensure flawless operation over many years of usage, all Noctua fans come with a premium grade SSO bearing, which is fully sealed to prevent the entering of fine dust particles. Please note that the fan is not designed to be taken apart by the user. Removing the impeller from the frame will break the sealing of the bearing and results in a loss of warranty.

It is thus recommended to clean your fans using a duster, slightly moist tissue or canned air. Please be careful not to use too much force in order to prevent any damage to the fan. Please don’t use a vacuum cleaner as this may apply excessive force to the fan.

Which Noctua fan or CPU cooler should I buy? How to choose the right model?

Not sure which Noctua product to buy? Our detailed buying guides for fans and CPU coolers help you to choose the model that works best for you.

Do you have a question concerning one of our products? Please use this form to pose a question!